How upgrading should be

The second day of this month, Microsoft announced two new libraries to interact with the Azure Event Hub. I was afraid we had a lot of rework coming our way, however this upgrade was one of the easiest I’ve ever done!

Removed the old NuGET packages, added the new packages. Replaced SendBatchAsync() with SendAsync() and a small change in connectionstring and I was good.

As you can see I’ve introduced a small quirk at line 45 to make this new code work with old connectionstrings that smells a bit However, it works like a charm and can easily be removed later on.

Small quirks like these allow me to ship this code to systems that are still configured with a connectionstring that contains the TransportType property. This way I do not have to time the code and configuration upgrade of systems. I can just ship the code, ship the configuration change later and finally clean up the quirk.

One of the better upgrade experiences. Thanx!

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