Following up on my previous post on this subject (, I am sharing a minimal, still complete, working example of an ARM template that can be used to provision the following:

  • An App Service Plan
  • An App Service, with:
    • A custom domain name
    • The Lets Encrypt Site extension installed
    • All configuration of the Lets Encrypt Site extension prefilled
  • An Authorization Rule for an Service Principal to install certificates

The ARM template can be found at:

To use this to create a Web App with an Lets Encrypt certificate and to automatically renew that, you have to do the following:

  • Pre-create a new Service Principal in your Azure Service Direction and obtain the objectId, clientId and a clientSecret for that Service Principal
  • Fill in the parameters.json file with a discriminator to make the names of your resources unique, the obtained objectId, clientId and clientSecret, a self-choosen GUID to use as the authorizationRule nameand a customHostname
  • Create a CNAME record pointing from that domain name to the follwing url: {discriminator}
  • Roll out the template
  • Open up the Lets Encrypt extension, find all settings prefilled and request a certificate!